Future of Addiction Treatment - Can Vaccine Curb The Drug Menace?

Lately, drug addiction treatment - be it for prescription drugs or for illegal substances like heroin and cocaine - has seen some advanced and futuristic technologies to deal with the problem rather scientifically. One of the latest innovations is a vaccine for treating heroin addiction. This antiheroin vaccine is currently under research at the Scripps Research Institute.

Though seemingly a novel approach, research has been going on since the 1970s. Research is in progress also to find similar alternative for treating addiction to cocaine, fentanyl, prescription painkillers, nicotine, iqos etc. Last year, Tom Price, the then secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, had called these vaccines an "exciting prospect" for treating the opioid epidemic.

The vaccines work in a manner similar to other inoculants used for treating diseases like flu. The mechanism of the antiheroin vaccine is simple. Based on the same principles of any immunization, an antiheroin vaccine would enable a person's body to create antibodies that bind to heroin in the blood. By doing this, it will halt the drug from crossing the blood-brain barrier, responsible for causing a high. As a result, the chances of a relapse will decrease remarkably.

Given the emergence of antiheroin vaccine, it is high time pharmaceutical industry starts taking interest in the role of such preventive measures to check the growing opioid epidemic. So far, it has shown intermittent interest in the project. The other game changers in the prescription drug abuse field -medical practitioners, counsellors, etc. - have welcomed the new addiction treatment approach.

Understanding the way vaccines works against addiction

The vaccines for drugs like cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, etc. consist of two parts that include the carrier protein and the haptens. The haptens are molecules similar in constitution to the targeted drug. They also contain adjuvants for boosting the body's immune system, which is necessary as even vaccines like any foreign particle can cause body's defense mechanism to go haywire.

Once the vaccine with the carrier protein and IQOS Heets Amber Sigara Tütünü the haptens enter the bloodstream, it causes the body to form antibodies. When a vaccinated person takes any drug, the newly generated antibodies bind to the drug molecules. These antibodies then prevent drug from binding itself to the receptors in the brain. With the pleasure centers blocked, the individual would no longer experience the feeling of high. Subsequently, he or she would have lesser chances of falling prey to the drug-seeking habit.

Since the vaccine is in the preclinical development phase, it is a long way to go before it is finally available to those grappling with the problem of drug addiction. Even though the mechanism seems interesting, researchers are cautious about its efficacy in terms of treatment. As per Kelly Dunn, who is in charge of the section dealing with opioid use disorder (OUD) at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, "..there is still a lot of work to do." Besides, it will take miles to go before the inoculation reaches those who are in need.

Finding helping hand

The likelihood of suffering from prescription drug abuse has risen remarkably among the masses due to the decades old practice of over prescription of painkillers, such as oxycodone and hydrocodone. Though the law enforcement authorities are cracking down on the pill mills, there seems no respite from prescription drug addiction. In order to satiate their cravings, users resort to cheaper options like heroin and iqos zararlari fentanyl which are much more harmful and fatal.

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